Real Time Monitoring with a real edge!

Solar SETS offers schools a fun and interactive way to monitor and manage their real time energy information.

Energy readings for all 3 key metrics - generation, consumption and temperature - are reported
within 1 minute of real time - not the standard 15 minute block.

Schools will love you for installing Solar SETS, as this means energy saving activities can be
demonstrated immediately - not 15 minutes later!

Solar SETS is an NSSP approved provider offering comprehensive installation support with
pre-configured components to make your life easier!

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Solar SETS

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Solar SETS Comparative Data

Solar SETS Lesson Plans

  • Monitors 3 key metrics - consumption, generation and temperature
  • Readings within 1 minute of real time - not the standard 15 minute block
  • Daily GHG used / made
  • Daily cost / savings
  • Includes explanations that make the numbers meaningful
  • Compare ALL 3 metrics
  • Compare different periods
  • Compare against other schools
  • Compare Temperature against Generation and Consumption
  • Essential Learning Framework resources
  • Lesson plans
  • Classroom environmental activities
  • Access to further resources
  • Regularly updated

The most fun!

Comprehensive installation

Competitively priced

Solar SETS Enviro Games All Pre-Configured

Ask us about our competitive pricing. We've worked hard to keep costs down and we're confident that you - and the school - will be very happy!


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  • Play fun and educational environmental games
  • Makes learning about energy savings fun
  • Learn what other schools are doing
  • Read featured Case Studies or submit your own
  • One of only 9 NSSP approved providers
  • A one-stop-shop for the entire system
  • Plug and play - everything is pre-configured
  • Complete installation checklist with charts, photos and explanatory text
  • Phone support provided throughout

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